State Auditors Release a Scathing Report on the State Department of Correction


...the department is required to establish public safety committees and advisory committees in municipalities where correctional facilities are located, seven of the 11 municipalities — New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, Uncasville, Brooklyn, Niantic and Suffield — have neither of these committees.  According to the report, not having these committees “increases the...


Bus Ridership Crawls Back

...Holcomb, Executive Director of GBT. CT Transit ridership in Stamford, New Haven and Hartford has equally held up, recently down only 40% compared to Metro-North’s 60% drop. Why the difference in returning ridership between trains and buses?  Because bus riders are much different than train riders. Most can’t work from...


Connecticut’s Green Party Talks Values, Fall Elections

...year in Windham, and she’s very active around police accountability there. I’ve been doing a lot of work around organizing, trying to build new chapters, and recruiting candidates.  How do you go about recruiting the right candidates to run under the Green Party? Green Party Co-Chair Dustin Fiore Fiore: We...


Sustainable CT and the Town of Your Dreams

A Do-It-Yourself Bike Repair Program in Hartford and West Hartford. An electric vehicle charging station in Essex. COVID-safe farmers markets in Bridgeport and New Haven. Invasive plant management along the Connecticut River. And community gardens, murals, and tree planting in towns and cities across the state.  These are a few...


About That Rail Route More Parallel to I-95

...4 years ago, the Federal Railroad Administration was forced to release a blueprint that essentially punted on the portion of the plan between New Haven and Providence, requiring instead a “New Haven to Providence Capacity Study” to eventually settle on a route. Apparently, that eventuality is now, and the newly...


The Unlosable War We Just Lost

...century after Korean hostilities ended, Korea is still divided. We haven’t defeated the communists in the North. Should we pull the plug? We have stationed tens of thousands of U.S. troops there — 23,000 troops today — ever since the early 1950s. Today, South Korea is an inspiring success, a...


Yale New Haven and Saint Barnabas Doctors Explain “Long COVID”

Concerns about the new Delta variant and its rapid spread have sparked new discussions over mask requirements and vaccine mandates, particularly in Connecticut’s schools. But medical professionals are also weighing a relatively new concern — physical and psychological symptoms that may affect an undetermined number of patients, including a small...


The Candidates: Haddam-Killingworth Board of Education


...professional development for teachers.  First-time candidates Haddam Democrats are running two newcomers: Stephen Bayley, an instructional design specialist at UConn Health, and Hamish MacPhail, a former Teach for America fellow in New Haven who is now policy and research director at ConnCAN, a non-profit education advocacy group. Haddam’s Republican candidates,...


Are You A Female Over 45? Guess What? You’re Invisible

...sit well with Nora Duncan, State Director at AARP-CT. Many older CT workers haven’t had a job interview in more than five years, she said. She believes state women across multicultural groups – including Latinos and Blacks – feel the pressure more acutely than men. “Women, in particular, see age...

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