In Old Lyme, Let Cooler Heads Prevail


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After at first pushing ahead for a quick approval in fall 2021 of new rules for Halls Road, cooler (and let me say competent) heads prevailed. And it’s been more than a year of work and revisions – with the help of counsel — by the Halls Road Improvements Committee to get their latest draft regulations to the point that they are ready to present to Old Lyme’s Zoning Commission.

Even so… the rules have gone through a number of last-minute revisions and hiccups and the committee has (wisely) requested additional delays before opening a public hearing.

I anticipate, still, a hard look by members of zoning, revisions, and additional questions about the boundaries of the proposal which include a portion of land recently purchased by the Flo Gris.

The revised regulations are available here online.

Given all that, then what should we make of a second proposal introduced in the interim to grant nonprofits added flexibility to introduce retail, restaurants, housing and recreation on Lyme Street?

The changes – though limited by geography — are a pretty big deal.

But as of midnight Saturday, a revised set of those rules is still not available. And the kicker? The public hearing closes on Monday night.

How can we do our due diligence or offer meaningful public comment (as is our right) if we can’t even see exactly what’s being proposed?

Again, we say, let cooler heads prevail.