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Editorial: A Stray Conversation About Sewering Rogers Lake and Elsewhere in Old Lyme

What should we make of a recent interview with Waterford First Selectman Daniel Steward, credibly recounting conversations with Old Lyme First Selectman Bonnie Reemsnyder on the topic of installing sewers in Rogers Lake and elsewhere in Old Lyme? “What they haven’t included in any of these discussions is what it costs to transport the sewage… Keep Reading

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On Party Politics and Ground Rules for CT Examiner’s Political Coverage

On Monday, October 14, CT Examiner will roll out its local campaign coverage for the region beginning with the race for First Selectman of Essex. Reporters Cate Hewitt, Julia Werth and Christopher McDermott have spoken to dozens of Democratic and Republican candidates in competitive races across the region from Stonington to Essex. That’s night and… Keep Reading

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A Call For Connecticut Port Authority Hearings

If you believe in the ability of government to accomplish great good – think Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — then it’s incumbent on you, when you see government misbehaving, to hold it accountable. To say that accountability has been lacking in the case of the Connecticut Port Authority is an understatement. If you think… Keep Reading

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Editorial: A Hard look at Region 4 — Essex, Chester and Deep River

Perhaps you don’t live in Essex, Chester, or Deep River and have decided to skip over Julia Werth’s remarkably damning news story detailing years of failure to follow state law and to exercise adequate financial oversight, both by the superintendent and the school board. Well don’t. If ever there was a learning moment… it would… Keep Reading

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45-Day Window for Connecticut Port Authority Hearings

It’s remarkable that former board chairs Scott Bates and Bonnie Reemsnyder have so far not answered a single substantive question from either the press or state legislators about their leadership roles in either the pending wind energy deal with Eversource and Ørsted, or in the near dissolution of the Connecticut Port Authority. The same can… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Sexual Misconduct, and Taking Responsibility for our Schools

Young people are the pivot around which everything turns. In southeast Connecticut, education budgets dwarf the size of most other town expenses. Old Lyme will spend about $27.5 million of the $38.9 million FY 2019/20 budget on education. Hand me a hot button issue – whether it’s 8-30g affordable housing or the balance of revenues… Keep Reading

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Editorial: On “Churnalism” and Town Public Relations

On September 4, like many local residents, I opened a news story on a local media outlet, only to receive the same news story the next day in an email from the Town of Old Lyme. It’s not clear whether the story was written by town staff and forwarded in advance to the media outlet,… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Old Lyme Plans for Affordable Housing

What does it mean for a town government to be proactive? On the one hand it would appear to make some obvious sense. A proactive government is a government that thinks and plans ahead to avoid problems before they happen – these problems can be fiscal, environmental, demographic. We know that the century-old lift bridge… Keep Reading

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