Join Us in Condemning Crude Defacement on Political Signs

Stefanowski political signs were defaced in Old Lyme.


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This morning I drove down Halls Road in Old Lyme and I observed the crude defacing of “Bob Stefanowski for Governor” signs. Someone, presumably not Republican, had spray painted one those signs to read: “Bob Hates Women.” On another sign, vile words were written connecting Stefanowski to Trump’s genitals.

Is this really happening in Old Lyme? People that perform such acts not only demonstrate their lack of intelligence, but showcase their absence of common decency. Sadly, this kind of inane behavior underscores the shortage of comity that has come to dominate politics in our state and in our country today. I didn’t think it was so present in our town.

On behalf of the Republican Town Committee of Old Lyme, this kind of defacement of political signage is condemned whether it is perpetrated by individuals of any stripe against any candidate of any party. I can only hope that the Democratic Town Committee of Old Lyme would join us in condemning such acts.

These kinds of acts illustrate the nasty nature of uninformed people in our current political discourse. One need only spend some limited time on social media to discern the toxic tone and untruthful display of information accepted as being factual by so many who frequent those platforms.

I can only hope that our Democratic and unaffiliated friends and neighbors in Old Lyme will join me in denouncing those who deface political signage. Most of the people of Old Lyme are better than that. We can respectfully disagree about politics and for whom we voted at the ballot box. But we should agree on mutual civility.

R. Andrew Nixon
Chairman, Old Lyme
Republican Town Committee