Lyme-area Bakery Turns Out Superlative Focaccia, Sourdough Bread


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For quick dinners, lazy weekends, and lunches, at $8 I’m not sure there is a better buy in the lower Connecticut River Valley than the focaccia turned out by Triangle House Bakery.

I frankly have to reach back to memories of the bread from Arthur Ave. in the Bronx to recall the last time I’ve enjoyed focaccia this much. Delivered warm to Old Lyme and the immediate area, topped with parsley, shallot, and fontina, served with a simple salad, it’s what you should be having tonight.

I expect Jamie Jackson, who opened Triangle House just weeks ago, to be entirely overwhelmed (if she isn’t already) when word gets out and more people have had a chance to try her quite splendid bread.

Chive, shallot and Fontina focaccia

Her boule and batard, charmingly homespun and like the focaccia entirely leavened with sourdough starter rather than commercial yeast, are also very good. But it’s the focaccia that stands out where so many renditions available elsewhere fall short. 

Her focaccia has just the right balance of rustic and spare, a pillowy interior, crust and chew in that way that just flour, water and salt, done right, can feel indulgent.

Jackson, who has two daughters, Rue and Dahlia, ages 6 and 2, taught at Sacred Heart in Groton before moving to Lyme for the schools. She tells CT Examiner that she’s been scouting commercial properties in local towns to a expand beyond her current cottage food business and hopes eventually to open a simple place offering her bread and charcuterie.

Entirely self-taught, Jackson learned to bake in part because she wanted to have something healthy for her family.

You can find her on facebook or call her at (860) 461-6373