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I am excited to announce that we’ve hired Anna Elizabeth, a young reporter and recent transplant to Connecticut from Washington, D.C., where she was a producer for The Atlantic magazine and a White House stringer for Bloomberg News. Anna’s work can also be found in the Washington Post, WBEZ Chicago, and the Johannesburg Star.

You might have already seen her first story this past weekend. She can be reached directly at

Anna is joining CT Examiner as we extend our coverage of the Capitol and will be reporting from the field on Tuesday.

In other news, CT Examiner’s Emilia Otte, has a story — The Victims Femicide Leaves Behind — in Foreign Policy this month. Emilia reports on Italy’s approach to children orphaned by domestic violence. Take a look.

On Tuesday, CT Examiner will be featuring rolling coverage of the election on our homepage — including regular updates from 4 reporters in the field.  You can also find us on twitter and instagram where we’ll be sharing snippets and photographs throughout the day (and perhaps for days to come).

After the polls close, we’ll have election results as they come in.

So, check back often and feel free to send any election-day tips, photographs or news to

Haven’t voted yet? Please note that some polling locations have changed to provide adequate social distancing. You can look up where you should vote here.

You can also find an amazingly comprehensive printable guide — compiled by Daniel Nichanian — of local and state elections across the United States here. Whether you are tracking ballot initiatives, state supreme court races or the control of state legislatures, Nichanian has them all.

But before I go, a little advice for candidates and would-be candidates next go around….

For campaign materials shared across social media, I really would encourage you to avoid shooting your portraits in portrait mode, and shoot your portraits in landscape mode instead.

A horizontal aspect is nearly always better across a variety of social media platforms.

But as a rule of thumb, if your materials are roughly twice as wide as tall, you’ll rarely, if ever, lose your head.