Notes From the Editor

Month-to-month growth at CT Examiner. The numbers reflect total "views," and incomplete August numbers


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I am very excited to announce that on Friday we hired a third reporter with an immediate goal of increasing our coverage of Essex, Old Saybrook and East Lyme. He starts work for us on September 16.

That follows a strong launch on May 20, stronger than anticipated growth over the last three months.

Perhaps nowhere was that early success more apparent than on the editorial page of the The Day on Friday, where pointed criticism of the paper in an editorial earlier that morning sparked an unexpected change of course on the port authority issue.

One more thing. We previously urged the committee to compel the testimony of former authority Chairman Scott Bates and Executive Director Evan Matthews, now suspended from that post. Some took us to task for not also demanding that Old Lyme First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, who followed Bates as chair and who chaired the finance committee, be required to testify. She should. Her written testimony does not suffice

“The Pier and the probe, a tough juggling act”

If you missed the exchange, I recommend that you start here.