Editorial: Four Points


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Point 1: Halls Road (Old Lyme)

So far in multiple meetings, and letters from boosters, we have heard allusions to conversations, intentions of outreach, and others claiming to speak for the interests of the Big Y supermarket, and other businesses.

No one has more at stake than our Halls Road merchants, and I certainly would feel more comfortable if they were much closer to the center of this conversation. The silence is deafening.

Point 2: Credible Complaints from the Beach Communities (Old Lyme)

After speaking first with the Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority, we met for more than an hour and a half with Scott Boulanger of Miami Beach Association, Frank Noe of Old Colony Beach Club Association and Dede DeRosa of Old Lyme Shores Beach Association.

I found their complaints against the town both credible and sympathetic. Can anyone seriously doubt that our fellow residents on the shoreline have received less consideration from local government than the applicants to proposing to build multifamily housing in Old Lyme?

Point 3: A paean for working harbors (Essex and Mystic)

Essex, CT (Credit: CT Examiner/Stroud)

With the recent proposal to redevelop the extant boatyards and working harbor in Mystic, it’s hard not to look at the last year of development nearby to the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, and wonder when similar (if much smaller proposals) will appear on the horizon.

Point 4: Here’s to the Farmers

With Lyme Farmers market opening for yet another summer, I’d just like to give a note of thanks to Jennifer Tiffany, Baylee Drown, Four Root, Provider, Four Mile River, Provider, Cato Corner and so many others that make life great in southeastern Connecticut. When they are not out in the fields working, they are at the market, and endlessly promoting the region on social media. Thank you.