Courtney Announces Federal Aid for Shellfish and Other Offshore Growers

NOANK — Under rainy skies turning sunny, Jim Markow, president of Mystic Oysters in Noank, joined by Rep. Joe Courtney, Gov. Ned Lamont and various state officials, spoke at a press conference on the dock outside of his business Tuesday to announce that after months of political pressure by Courtney and state’s congressional delegation, hard-hit shellfish, clam, kelp and seaweed


Carney Will Fight For Small Towns in Hartford

My uncle, Jack Tiffany, served as State Representative for Lyme for decades. He always represented his constituents with integrity and never let the politics of the Capitol influence his decision-making. We are fortunate to have a State Rep who thinks

Saunders Can Relate to All of the Citizens

I am writing to you to express my support for Brendan Saunders for State Senate in the 33rd district. Brendan is a candidate that I can get behind. He is supportive of our brave men and women in Blue, supports lowering

Montville Fire Companies: You Did Not Let us Stand Alone

It is said within the Fire Service that no one stands alone, and yesterday our Mutual Aid partners from throughout New London County, Middlesex County, Windham County and Tolland County proved that sentiment correct for the four independent Fire Companies

Goupil Has Vision, Foresight and Pragmatism

As a member of the Town of Clinton’s Planning and Zoning Commission, I strongly endorse Christine Goupil, who is seeking election as State Representative for the 33rd District.  As a former first selectman for Clinton and a prior member of the

Women Have a Lot to Gain From Democrats Like Dave Rubino

Recently, I had the good fortune of hearing Dave Rubino speak at the Westbrook town green. Dave is the Democratic candidate for the 23rd Congressional District in Connecticut, or Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, Lyme, and the shore community of Westbrook.

Somers Helped Marina Business and Employees During Pandemic

As a small businessman operating a marina in southeastern Connecticut, I want to acknowledge the leadership of State Sen. Heather Somers. She fought hard to see that we were designated as an essential business and allowed to stay open during

Goupil is Dedicated to Affordable Childcare and Pre-K

It’s no secret that affordable childcare is hard to attain for many Connecticut residents. This is not new issue, it’s something we have faced for a very long time without resolution. The recent pandemic has only exacerbated an already difficult


A WPA Project for Transportation

Here’s a possible solution to Connecticut’s transportation and infrastructure problems and the state’s current unemployment woes:  a WPA style building project. You do remember the Works Progress Administration, right?  It was FDR’s plan that put millions of unemployed Americans to work building public projects like roads, water mains, firehouses and dams.  Look around you and you’ll still see us benefiting from that investment. But fast-forward 80 years… Any reader of this column is all too familiar with the need for transportation investment in our state: our 7000 miles of roads and bridges in “poor condition”, the $4.6 billion needed for


Cuts to Education Smack of False Economy

In a letter addressed to faculty and staff union leaders dated September 23, 2020, Ben Barnes, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities chief financial officer, requested help in identifying savings from current collective bargaining agreements. Barnes’ letter followed a September 17 directive from the CSCU Board of Regents. The Regents asked Barnes to find cuts that would resolve a projected $91 million deficit. If there is one lesson we should take from 2020 it is that predicting the future is not easy. The prediction of a deficit was conjured by Barnes himself. I studied forecasting in graduate school. Even after