Forage walk: Learn about spring wild edible and medicinal plants/mushrooms

Chatfield Hollow State Park 381 Route 80, Killingworth

Celebrate spring by getting outside and learning how to forage! In this workshop you will learn how to identify different wild edible and medicinal plants that grow in the spring. We will learn about spring ephemerals which are plants that only come for a short time and then they go back into the ground for the rest of the year! Trout lilies, violets, garlic mustard, dead head nettle, dandelions, plantain, field garlic, honeysuckle, nettles, and other plants will be identified. Some plants will have a life cycle for the whole growing season and we will talk about how they will grow and their uses. We will look for mushrooms and identify them as well. Dryad's saddle and morels will be out this time of year. Learn what mother earth has to offer for food, medicine, and more... Class will begin with opening Qi gong exercises to help us get grounded and connected to the earth! We will also have bags and gloves available to pickup any trash that we may find in the park. This is a collaborative workshop with Amy of the CT Foraging club. Cost is $25 per person. Please email with your name to sign up. Amy will be handling all of the payment for the event. Thank you. We look forward to walking in the woods with you. For more information