(Mar. 2) Art: Call for Entry: The American Woman: Feminist Futures: Hera Gallery (Wakefield, RI)


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    Deadline: March 1, 2024

    Hera Gallery
    10 High Street
    Wakefield, RI 02879

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    The American Woman: Feminist Futures- Open Call for Art

    The idea of “The American Woman” is a notion that has been constantly shifting, and evolving over time. Contemporary challenges to women’s lack of agency has led to a myriad of feminist and anti-feminist initiatives. 19th century discussions are revived in the 21st century context where norms and laws of gender roles are being deconstructed, redefined, and reevaluated.

    The cultural and biological ideas of womanhood, along with societal advances of women, continue to be challenged and conjure up new ideas of who the American Woman is and what she can be.

    Hera Galley seeks work in any medium for, American Woman; Feminist Futures. We are looking for works that use feminism as a framework to document, re-envision and imagine what the American Woman and American Womanhood could look like in the future; utopian, dystopian, fantastical, raw, honest, real. Can we use feminism as a tool to imagine a future of equity? Equality? Tolerance? Love? Or do current day events use feminism to predict a future of just the opposite. Are we doomed? Or can we be hopeful and participate in the shaping of the American Woman?

    As one of the oldest feminist art cooperatives in the United States, Hera Gallery is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. In celebration of this milestone, we have chosen to revisit past exhibitions that continue to have relevance today. The American Woman was one of the first exhibitions on view at Hera Gallery in 1974, featuring work by founding members Barbara Johns Waterston and Connie Greene Alexander.


    Important Dates

    Applications Open: January 4th

    Applications Close: March 2nd

    Notification of Acceptance: March 28th

    Exhibition Dates: May 11th- June 15th

    Application Fee: $35 for 3 images, $5 per each additional image (up to 10).

    Hera Gallery is proud to be able to offer need based assistance to enter our national open calls for art. Please use the coupon codes below for a need based discount.

    HERA10: $10 off application fee

    HERA20: $20 off application fee