Blackmore’s Night with Wizards Consort at The District Music Hall

District Music Hall 71 Wall Street, Norwalk

Legendary guitarist formerly of Deep Purple and Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, and award winning vocalist Candice Night created a new genre of music for all ages..., inspired by many melodies of the Renaissance period, and Blackmoreized into contemporary music. They call it Renaissance/Folk/Rock. This is the sound of Blackmore’s Night. In 1997, Blackmore’s Night released their debut CD, Shadow of the Moon, which immediately went gold in Japan and earned awards worldwide. Meanwhile, their devoted fan base is growing exponentially as the band performs their mystical music for all ages. From grandparents to children, everyone is enjoying their medieval mood music and gypsy dances. Clearly, the music of Blackmore’s Night connects with fans on a deep level, allowing them to experience an entirely different era of merriment. For more information


Untitled Andrew Callaghan Film Screening and Moderated Q&Aat The District Music Hall

District Music Hall 71 Wall Street, Norwalk

"With a dinosaur era camper, garb, video equipment and plenty of charm, the brilliance behind All Gas No Brakes’ Andrew Callaghan‘s gonzo styled of journalism is his ability to be appear transparent anthesis of being a fly on the wall but nonetheless, be a trojan horse of sorts – anthropologically giving insight into all sorts of sub-cultures that are the make up of an often confusing America. Sometime in 2021, Callaghan shifted “news outlets” to a new project called Channel 5 but it’s an actual film project with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim during the Stop the Steal protests that have us psyched.…..." IONCINEMA For more information

$39 – $69