Opinion: The Ongoing Game of Whack-a-Toll


Highway tolls in Connecticut have become a game of whack-a-mole. Governor Lamont’s toll mole has popped up again, after having been whacked summarily by General Assembly leaders of his own party less than two weeks ago. The current mole is a variant of the Governor’s original trucks-only campaign proposal. Things have gone full circle. The


Needleman on a “New Approach to Transportation”

During the last legislative session, there was plenty of arguing about our state’s transportation infrastructure, but unfortunately, little action was taken. Connecticut’s roads and bridges are outdated, and we know we need to fix them. Luckily, it appears there’s going to be a new approach to transportation, one that will allow us to move past


Letter: Metro-North Problems

Metro-North, which I ride twice a week into Manhattan, is both necessity and bane. One can board the Shore Line East—another exasperating subject for another time—in Old Saybrook to make the connection in New Haven. Assuming a seamless transfer, there are standard non-trivial issues, like lateness, caused by long-term track work that has afflicted the schedule like a belated spring flu.