Letter: Police Services Options Committee — A Committee to Nowhere

During the 2017 town election, First Selectwoman Reemsnyder floated her vision to regionalize the town’s police force with East Lyme. Her vision was revealed first in a local newspaper and came as a surprise to many, if not most, town residents. A few weeks later at the candidate’s debate, Reemsnyder boldly endorsed that plan. Reemsnyder won her election and so police regionalization became a main agenda item. Consequently, she formed the Police Services Options Committee. Although I did not support her re-election bid, Reemsnyder appointed me to the committee and I applaud and thank her for my selection. The committee


Essex and Westbrook Stand Pat as Southeast Connecticut Chooses Regionalized Health


The Connecticut Department of Public Health has actively encouraged towns across the state to join regionalized health districts in an effort to simplify the enforcement state laws and regulations, to professionalize staff, improve the availability of services, and further a unified approach public health problems. The towns of Essex and Westbrook have bucked that trend, opting instead to maintain local independent services. “The health department is responsible for health outcomes, and the health outcomes in our state are in the top five in the country, but we do have pockets of very poor health outcomes in our cities,” Needleman said.