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Medical Care in Connecticut Adapts to the Coronavirus

A week ago, I was about to leave for my cardiology appointment when I received a call. It was the receptionist, and the appointment was canceled. “Do you know if I can reschedule?” I asked her. She wasn’t sure. After a couple unexplained fainting episodes, a possible arrhythmia and a month of appointments it was… Keep Reading

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Food Pantries Seek Donations and Volunteers as Social Services adapt to Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads and the state sets stricter guidelines for social distancing, food pantries and other nonprofits around southeastern Connecticut have to find new ways of serving their populations while also meeting a sudden rise in needs. Many of the area’s senior centers, nonprofit childcare centers, and other face-to-face services have been suspended amid… Keep Reading

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A Surfeit of Caution

There is an esprit de corps that has developed surrounding our collective attempts to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Social media is awash with posts suggesting ways to connect, ways to nourish each other, ways to survive the isolation. There has been an outpouring of support for those on the frontlines — the medical… Keep Reading

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Widespread Unemployment, Business Failures, Expected in Wake of Coronavirus Closures

Yoga studios, gyms, restaurants and hair salons have been mandated to close — with other “nonessential” businesses closing on Monday — employees are financially-strapped and owners wondering how long their businesses can survive without customers. In the wake of closures that began Monday, CT Examiner took the pulse of a number of business owners and… Keep Reading

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With Newfound Flexibility and Instructions to Proceed “Immediately,” Connecticut Schools Grapple With Transition to Online Education

With the requirement for 180 days of school instruction waived, and an application pending to suspend mandated student assessments, school districts across Connecticut are grappling with what it means for 77,000 students with an individualized education plan, and how they will follow instructions from the state to “immediately proceed” with online education. “We are focusing… Keep Reading

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Calling Impact Worse than 2008-9, Lamont Outlines Aid and Possible Further Steps

Gov. Ned Lamont outlined measures that his administration is taking to soften the economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak in a Thursday afternoon conference call with business leaders. These steps include loans, an expansion of unemployment benefits and delayed payment deadlines. “I came out of running a small business,” said Lamont. “I went through the… Keep Reading

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States Adapt Governance and Public Access to Telecommuting in Wake of Coronavirus

Facing an outbreak of Coronavirus, Gov. Ned Lamont suspended parts of state statute to give local government and public agencies the ability to hold meetings entirely by teleconference in an effort to limit spread of the virus. Transparency advocates caution that public access depends on state and local officials using that technology properly, but experts… Keep Reading

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Lamont Offers Aid to Churches, Religious Leaders Cope with Closings over Easter, Passover and Ramadan

From churches to mosques to synagogues, nearly all places of worship in Connecticut have been closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. “This is sort of an uncharted territory for all of us,” said David Elliott, the associate director of communication and public relations for the Archdiocese of Hartford. “I can’t point to another time in… Keep Reading

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