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Connecticut River Conservancy Hires River Steward, Promoting Conservation, Environmental Justice

“For good or bad, we are the mouth of the Connecticut river. So everything that is happening upstream is going to impact us,” said Kelsey Wentling, the new Connecticut-based river steward for the Connecticut River Conservancy. “We need to be engaged with groups and communities all throughout the watershed in order to make an impact.… Keep Reading

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Public-Private Partnership Seeds 100,000 Oysters in Niantic River

EAST LYME — Shellfish experts deposited about 100,000 juvenile oysters into the Niantic River on Saturday, as part of a $10,000 public-private partnership plan by the Waterford-East Lyme Shellfish Commission to bolster the river’s oyster population in an effort to increase recreational fishing and improve water quality. “This is the first seeding that we’ll do,”… Keep Reading

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New 12-town Garbage Contract Stabilizes Costs for Member Towns

The Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resources Recovery Authority (SCRRRA) earlier this year signed a 10-year agreement to dispose of solid waste at the Wheelabrator facility in Lisbon. The agreement will take effect in January 2021 and will stabilize costs for member towns. SCRRRA will pay Wheelabrator $69 per ton of waste — significantly less than the… Keep Reading

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A Reckoning for Connecticut on Handling Municipal Waste

With the market for recyclables in collapse, infrastructure for incinerating in disrepair, and costs for hauling trash on the rise, towns across Connecticut are facing a reckoning on how to handle municipal waste. In fiscal year 2015, Essex received $7,920 from the Materials Innovation Recycling Authority (MIRA) for the recyclables collected at the Essex transfer… Keep Reading

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Fenwick is Site of Second Living Shoreline Project in Connecticut

Last winter, after years of increasing erosion exacerbated by sea level rise, Long Island Sound breached a protective sand dune offshore of Fenwick leaving a recently restored marsh behind it vulnerable. “There is concern that there is going to be more flooding, especially during large storm events,” said Juliana Barrett, an extension educator for the… Keep Reading

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New First Selectman Underscores Outdoor Recreation for Business in East Haddam

EAST HADDAM — In a Tuesday morning interview one week after taking office, First Selectman Robert Smith said the town should strengthen and maintain its wealth of hiking trails and emphasize outdoor recreation as an economic driver for the town. “We really need to look at emphasizing and reaching out to companies that would want… Keep Reading

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Estuary Reserve Would Promote Education, Research, in Southeast Connecticut

In an era of changing climate, conservationists say the answers to critical questions about rising sea levels will be found in estuaries — the dynamic habitats typically formed where freshwater rivers meet tidal oceans or lakes. This has motivated Connecticut to seek a federal partnership for an estuary reserve along the state’s southeastern shore. In… Keep Reading

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Old Dams and New Problems for Connecticut Homeowners

In 2008, Debbie Rosener bought a house and moved to Killingworth, a small town in the lower Connecticut River Valley. She planned for a quiet retirement. What she hadn’t planned for when she purchased the property was that she would also unwittingly purchase a dam in the bargain, a dam that was on the verge… Keep Reading

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ATV Use Damages New 1000-Acre Preserve in Southeast Connecticut

OLD SAYBROOK — Just four years after its acquisition as a conservation area, the protected vernal pools, scrub-shrub swamp and Atlantic white cedar swamps of The Preserve are being damaged by frequent use of all-terrain vehicles. “Lately there has been more complaints about ATV use than ever,” said Ray Allen, the director of Parks and… Keep Reading

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