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More than $3 million on athletic facilities could be spent in Lyme-Old Lyme

LYME – OLD LYME New tennis courts, a pending turf field installation and the coming renovation of the elementary and middle schools are planned for Lyme-Old Lyme schools in the next five years. The needed high school tennis court renovations with bleachers and a windscreen will cost the school district $571,360, according to the latest… Keep Reading

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Advocates Consider Changes to Connecticut’s Special Education Burden of Proof and Funding

In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that parents, not school districts, are required to prove that an Individualized Education Plan is unsatisfactory to a child’s needs. This federal ruling does not overturn state statutes where they exist, however, and Connecticut is currently one of just five states to place the burden of proof on… Keep Reading

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Nonprofit Guides Board of Education Policy Across Connecticut

Bob Rader has spent almost 25 years as executive director of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (or CABE) encouraging elected board of education members across the state to follow a common set of best practices when working with fellow board members, the public and media. “We have no authority to police or regulate… Keep Reading

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High Costs, Diverse Outcomes for Educational Special Needs in Connecticut

Sarah Tyszka’s son is in sixth grade, but reads at a preschool level. He has dyslexia, a condition that typically requires one-on-one reading instruction to learn to read and write, according to the Dyslexia Society of Connecticut. Last year Tyszka’s son received one-on-one instruction, but this year his school does not have a teacher certified… Keep Reading

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Attorneys Offer Timeline, But Few Answers on Region 4 Land Purchase

DEEP RIVER — Residents and elected officials from Chester, Essex, and Deep River asked questions and offered criticism of the Board of Education for Region 4 schools, and its attorneys, at a special Monday night workshop devoted to a controversial 2017 land purchase for $380,000 that board members later discovered had not been budgeted. “You don’t… Keep Reading

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Courtney Boosts Job Training to Old Saybrook Rotary

OLD SAYBROOK — Congressman Joe Courtney said Wednesday that Electric Boat is expected to add jobs in the coming years but that schools and governments will need to support workforce training programs to ensure that there are enough workers with the technical skills. Courtney took questions and had lunch with the Rotary Club of Old… Keep Reading

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Letter: Mounting Legal Fees, Blurred Lines in Region 4 Schools

This Monday, November 4, at 6 p.m. in the John Winthrop Middle School library in Deep River, three lawyers from a Hartford law firm will explain the nuances of the property purchase next to the high school over 2 years ago. Hopefully they will explain why they charged fifteen thousand dollars to close a three-hundred-fifty-thousand-dollar… Keep Reading

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