Local Leaders Discuss Dramatic Declines in the Number of Young People in Connecticut


According to the latest national census data, Chester, Deep River and Essex experienced dramatic declines in the number of residents under the age of 18 living in the towns — a drop that leaves local leaders with little to offer in the way of solutions. In Deep River, the loss of young residents since 2010 totals 25 percent — from 975 to 735. Chester experienced a drop of 29 percent. And in Essex, where there were 1,390 children living in the town in 2010, now there are just 949 — a drop of 32 percent. Deep River First Selectman Angus


Census Data Show Increased Diversity, Little Growth Outside Fairfield County

According to Census data released Thursday, Connecticut’s modest population growth in the past decade has almost exclusively been driven by Fairfield County. New London County’s population dropped by two percent, and despite booming manufacturing, some of the most dramatic population decreases came in Groton.  Connecticut’s population has increased by 31,847 since 2010, or 0.9 percent, primarily in Fairfield County, which saw a 4.4 percent increase in population. The remaining counties either saw population growth of less than one percent or a population decrease.   Census data also shed light on changing racial demographics, and the United States saw a decrease in