Sound View Residents Hire Attorney, Commission Assessment, to Claim Proposed Sewer Fees Exceed Legal Limit


OLD LYME — The Old Lyme Sewer Coalition, LLC, has hired an attorney and an appraiser to challenge the town’s cost-benefit assessment to pay for the planned installation of sewers in Sound View Beach and Miscellaneous Area B, arguing that the town’s formula violates Connecticut General Statutes §7-249 prohibiting assessments in excess of the benefits accrued to property owners. “The statute states expressly ‘[t]he sum of initial and subsequent assessments shall not exceed the special benefit accruing to the property’ and later repeats this limitation, ‘[n]o assessment shall be made against any property in excess of the special benefit to


Preliminary Agreement Reached on Cost Sharing with Old Lyme’s Chartered Beach Communities

OLD LYME — In a small but significant step, the Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority is preparing to sign a preliminary agreement to join the cost-sharing agreement of the town’s three private beach associations for the construction, operation and maintenance of sewers.  If signed by all parties, the agreement — which is a preparatory document and not the cost-sharing agreement itself — will be the first formalized statement of a business partnership between the Town of Old Lyme and the three chartered beach communities after years of discussion about the construction of sewers along the shoreline, said Richard Prendergast,