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Sunny Weather in Beach Season Brings Increase in Parks Revenue

OLD SAYBROOK — Harvey’s Beach and mini golf games showed a hearty increase in gross income of 13 percent during the 2019 beach season compared to last year, which the town’s parks director said was likely due to consistently warm and sunny weather during summer weekends. “I think we had a really good summer. The… Keep Reading

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Opinion: On Fixing Connecticut’s Budget

Connecticut citizens wonder why the state can’t get its budget act together. Why is Connecticut’s infrastructure crumbling when improvements are supposed to be funded by the gas tax? Why can’t we get our heads — or budgets — around healthcare that works for everybody. Our public pensions are grossly underfunded. We’re backsliding when it comes… Keep Reading

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Fitch Announces Upgraded Bond Rating for New London

New London — Fitch Ratings upgraded New London’s bond rating from A+ to AA- on Friday and announced the city’s rating outlook has been revised from positive to stable. Fitch, along with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, is one of the major credit rating agencies known as the “big three.” Fitch assigns long-term credit ratings… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Mis-marketing the Budget

Just months after Connecticut voters overwhelmingly embraced the idea that transportation funds should be used for transportation, the legislature proved itself unable to abide by that commitment. Of course, given decades of negligence by the state (and its people) to properly account for pension costs, we understand that crafting a satisfactory budget is near impossible, but still in the process the legislature cast doubt on every supposedly designated stream of funding, whether for infrastructure or the environment. Keep Reading

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