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Mentoring Lyme-Old Lyme Children

More than forty children between the middle and elementary schools in Old Lyme meet with a mentor each week, a program that has helped encourage better attendance, higher grades, engagement and enthusiasm at school for these students. Keep Reading

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Restoring Habitat on the Lower Connecticut River

Standing in the middle of Lord’s Cove, on the edge of the Connecticut River, you can see thousands of salt march bulrushes poking up through the muck everywhere, a plant that has appeared on the Connecticut and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Rare Species lists for more than 40 years. Keep Reading

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Shoreline Food Pantries Consider Split

In March, SSKP informed the churches in Old Lyme that they would be temporarily closing the food pantry and then permanently closing it due to the high percentage of individuals outside of the region that were utilizing the pantry’s services. The board of SSKP has since rolled back that decision, but negotiations about how the two organizations can continue in partnership are ongoing. Keep Reading

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Old Saybrook Faces Tough Choices on Septic System Pollution

More than 60 percent of the nitrogen load flowing from the Oyster River into Indian Harbor off of Old Saybrook is from septic systems, according to a study by Marine Scientist Jamie Vaudrey from the University of Connecticut. Part of the problem is that the soil in Old Saybrook is poorly suited for filtering nitrogen. There also simply isn’t enough of it to provide sufficient buffering. Keep Reading

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Regional Leaders Greet Minimum Wage Increase

On May 28, Gov. Ned Lamont fulfilled a campaign promise and signed a bill to raise the minimum wage in Connecticut. As of Oct. 1, 2019, the minimum wage will increase from $10.10 to $11.00 per hour. By June 1, 2023, the minimum wage in Connecticut will reach $15 per hour. Keep Reading

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Disability-friendly Coffee House Opens in Deep River

“90 percent of our staff have a diagnosed disability,” said Jane Moen, the executive director of A Little Compassion, a nonprofit that strives to change the lives of young adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities for the better. “We have a number of folks with autism, developmental delays, anxiety and depression.” Moen also manages The Nest. Keep Reading

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Old Lyme VFW Honored for “Vets in Need” Program

“Old Lyme is a funny town. People often think we are all wealthy, but there are some very poor people that are too proud to ask for help or even go to the food pantry,” Griswold said. “We hear about their needs through word of mouth, the senior center or social services and then do our best to help as we can.” Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Police Prepare for Summer

Hunter said he worried about beachgoers and school traffic sharing the road. “We have drunk drivers during the day and even in the afternoon. It’s scary while kids are coming home from school,” Hunter said. Keep Reading

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Principal of Mile Creek School Named

“After a long and extremely thorough process that began back in February, we are very excited to welcome Kelly Enoch as the new Principal of Mile Creek School,” Superintendent Ian Neviaser said. Keep Reading

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