Why Change Horses for This Election? I Support Trevor Crow.


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To the Editor:

As a New Canaan resident and registered Democrat, I decided to support Trevor Crow to become the Democratic candidate for the 36th State Senate District after Trevor reached out to me and we had a 30-minute conversation about what she stands for, why she is running and what she brings to the table.  I was impressed that Trevor talked about values and policies, and not just about the funds she hoped to bring to our corner of Connecticut.  She was very articulate on the need for more resources for, and better, access to mental healthcare services, especially for young people where the incidence of mental health problems has spiked.  Helping families and working parents make ends meet is a huge priority for her. She explained, for example, how there is very limited access to early childhood care for working parents in our area, as well as the state generally.  She plans to work for a constitutional amendment to enshrine a woman’s right to decide. 

Trevor was very clear that she is not in favor of raising taxes.  She believes that there is scope to provide more help for those who need it by tweaking budgets.  She remains in favor of maintaining a sizable rainy-day fund.

I have also been impressed by the extent to which Trevor has kept on top of state legislation and issues, as well as keeping in touch with New Canaan residents.  We have seen her at many town and New Canaan Democratic Party events in the last two years.

Trevor has strong grassroots support that she earned when she ran two years ago and through her outreach subsequently. She came so close, just 89 votes short. Why change horses for this election?  We should give her the opportunity to add to what she has built and to turn the 36th Senate District blue.

Angela Jameson
New Canaan, CT