Biden’s Border Crisis will Create Unpresented Apportionment Issues in the House


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To the Editor:

The Democratic Party is making a major push to control the government and their socialistic agenda through immigration and open borders. Biden’s executive order to include illegal immigrants in the census count will in fact have a major impact in the apportionment of house seats and electoral votes. This will have a profound effect on our democratic republic. Under Biden’s executive order this is untenable.  It is not right and should not take place. Most illegal immigrants gravitate toward Sanctuary Cities in very blue states enabling those on the left to gain political power.  Trump attempted to stop it by excluding illegal immigrants from the census count during his Presidency while the Biden administration has been promoting it from the moment he took office.  Unless stopped Biden’s border crisis will create unpresented apportionment issues in the House of Representatives.  Illegal immigrants have no rights to vote.  As such they should be excluded from the census.  Barring illegals from the census will ensure that American citizens will determine the fate of Congress and the Electoral College. What the Biden Administration is doing is perverse.  In 2020 naturalized citizens and illegal immigrants where responsible for a shift of twenty-six seats in the house of representative.  With the current election counting just illegals will flip another twenty-two seats to the Democrats.  The way it works is each state is assigned one seat.  The other 385 seats are based upon each state’s share of the total US population.  Those in Congress should explicitly represent US citizens not illegal immigrants.  A broader issue is most illegal immigrants who have entered the US under the Biden Administration are one seeking asylum for illegal reasons and two they not assimilating into US culture.  Most will disappear into sanctuary cities and never learn US civics, will never study the Constitution or the Bill of rights. These are states with a larger share of voting age non-citizens who will take away representation from states composed of mostly US citizens. Many have already become a burden impacting our housing, welfare, education, and healthcare systems at a cost of billions in US citizen taxpayer dollars.   

Biden’s Border crisis is not just about a broken immigration system as it is about the Democratic Party remaining in control of government.  Counting illegal immigrants in the census will have a profound effect on the distribution of political power favoring the liberal left in the federal government by changing the apportionment of house seats and votes in the Electoral College.  We pride ourselves as being a country of laws.  Then ask yourselves,  why do we allow a US President to pick and choose what immigration laws he seeks to break in order to keep his party in power?       

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland