Three Negative Results in Stamford


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To the Editor:

In regards to Darien considering ADU’s. I live in Stamford and have seen three negative results from these new adopted regulations.

One is ADU’s have not produced what they claim. Keeping empty nesters from moving to more affordable places. The regulation to live in the house as the homeowner is completely ignored. Real estate companies and developers from outside of Stamford are buying up Stamford properties and renting them out to as many people that they can fit into a house. They turn a blind eye to renters subletting rooms to their renters. Stamford is now 50% rental property. Our city is being taken advantage of because of ADU allowance.

Number two. On street parking in single family zoned neighborhoods and mulit-family home neighborhoods has become untenable and created safety issues in certain neighborhoods where it turns two lane roads in single lane roads interfering with safety vehicles having the ability to navigate properly. Also ADU’s on main roads with no on street parking create the need for these renters to park in others neighborhoods with total disregard for safety while complaints are disregarded. Some homes have up to 6-8 cars and/or trucks for a single family home, commonly running businesses out of these homes.

As a resident living in a city with the new regulations adopted to allow ADU’s, it’s a false determination that people will follow the rules. The first 2 stipulations that are required to allow ADU’s are blatantly not being followed which brings me to reason number three.

There is no enforcement to make sure people who own these homes are following the rules. This is creating illegal rooming housing in residents neighborhoods that defy proper regulations that allow ADU’s.

I would strongly recommend to Darien, If you allow ADU’s this is coming your way and even if you have some sort of enforcement for these regulations good luck in your legal battles and disregard to authority that has the right to enforce ADU regulations.

One more thing while being an unenforced intrusion into neighborhoods it has not helped relieve the “housing crisis” because most people do not want the headache of a stranger living on their property that is almost impossible to evict if the relationship sours. One ADU in a neighborhood could create havoc if most neighbors disagree with this policy. It’s already happening.

These ADU’s only create issues in neighborhoods, that begin the continual complaint process to your local enforcement that in Stamford is nonexistent and not efficient to handle your complaints.

We bought in these neighborhoods to live outside of the rental life. We bought in these neighborhoods and have vested interests. It will not solve what’s it’s intended to solve. This is nothing more than an intrusion into your choice of how you chose to live.

Good luck Darien this is my subtle warning.

Paul Arvoy
Stamford, CT