North Stamford NIMBYs Burden the Rest of Us


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To the Editor:

North Stamford has historically been a NIMBY community – ask anyone who has lived in Stamford for a long time.   To hear the concerns of residents who were opposed to the Life Time Fitness Center, it would seem that something nefarious was being planned for High Ridge Office Park.  Children and families and pools, oh my!  Then there was the opposition to a subdivision of 12 townhouses at the intersection of Wire Mill and Long Ridge Roads.  Then came the opposition to the development of 900 Long Ridge Road.  Now comes the opposition of the proposed apartments at 800 Long Ridge Road. 

The rest of the city should not have to suffer from overdevelopment because of the battle cries of “not in my backyard”.  The message from North Stamford has always been clear:  not all are welcomed.  This needs to stop.   

Sheila Hughes
Stamford, CT