Consumers Should Know the Cost of Wind Power While it is Still a Choice

Massive wind turbine segments will tower over the Gold Star Bridge once fully assembled. (CT Examiner)


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To the Editor:

To date, l’ve yet to read of the cost of a kilowatt generated from the offshore wind farms while reading concurrently of the cancellation of wind farm projects due to the higher costs (capital costs/inflation, supply chain issues, permitting delays, et Al).   I can not imagine large investors putting up capital to finance any project without knowing their expected returns.   As a Connecticut ratepayer and a taxpayer, I would prefer knowing exactly what the wind power generation system means to me in dollars rather than estimates of the future of labor and manufacturing. 

Why has every state with the exception of Connecticut curtailed their offshore wind programs?  Why isn’t PURA stating the given amount which the state of Connecticut has agreed to have their residents pay for the green energy?   

This entire program is inane.  The consumer should be informed about the cost when it is a choice rather than a mandate.

Alan Strunk
Old Mystic, CT