Fiercely Committed to Getting Into ‘Good Trouble’ Whenever There is Injustice


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To the Editor:

I am a public school educator and aside from being present daily to keep safe my students, I am responsible to model good manners, citizenship and emotional intelligence. High on my radar is bullying in its various forms. The impact of bullying individually, or collectively in political institutions has the potential to undermine democracy itself. It can distort political representation, partisan and bipartisan decision-making, as well as the implementation of public policies that affect the lives of the people we serve.  Political bullying will break down trust; which can have significant implications for a community.

On Sunday, February 11, 2024, the opinion piece, Stamford’s double-dipping Democrats, appeared in the Stamford Advocate written by Carl Weinberg, my Stamford Board of Representatives colleague.  I had no problem reading the opinion, regarding elected officials serving on the Stamford Democratic City Committee and the SBOR for their districts.  He stated, “It was not illegal, but it’s wrong.”  Carl has a right to his opinion. I have an opinion myself. As an outsider I was not able to receive nomination and party endorsement. Thus, I had to collect signatures of 5% of the Democrats registered in District 5 and once certified by the registrar of voters, I campaigned against the endorsed candidates. A new road to endorsement is needed for those with a desire to participate in our democratic process!

But, this still is not the reality today, and until we form a newer process and stop the current delegates attempts to intimidate SBOR members in District 5, I shall primary for access to the delegate seats, to benefit the good people of District 5, Democrats.

District 5 has been plagued with a malaise that has metastasized into non-productive access and receipt of city services for at least 30 years along with redlining in the early years of Urban Redevelopment and gerrymandering of voting boundaries. Simply voting party line has devastated those historically vulnerable economically, asset building of generational wealth and stoking the flame of health deficiency in this District 5.

My family have been Democrats for generations. I am a native of this gorgeous, estuary and coastal city. It fills my soul and is the essence of who I am- all roads lead me to Stamford. I am a filmmaker, poet, educator, Christian, an aunt, community advocate, African American, and a Democrat!

Please understand I am fiercely committed to getting into “good trouble,” wherever there is injustice.  There must be an unmasking of unfairness, inequality and plain ol’ meanness in the voting matters and services of this city, state, this nation, but especially within the Stamford Democratic City Committee. If you want peace, Do the Right Thing. Let’s sit together and fix our issues. Until we cleanse ourselves of selfishness, arrogancy, faux fragility in response to citizens’ requirements for all government leadership to unpack code words, i.e., “affordable housing,“ and seek a more transparent way to govern; you will be challenged.

Just as Mrs. Fannie Lou Hammer had to speak to the National Democratic Credentials Committee in 1964. She had formed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party an alternative to the state controlled Democratic party. The sharecroppers she represented were black and white and they were at the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.  Her testimony was thwarted by President Johnson.  He knew these journalists would cut cameras from Fannie Lou Hammer to his presidential press conference. He did not want the country to hear of the horrific beatings these Americans received attempting to register to vote. The press re-aired her testimony. In days following, Dr. Martin Luther King and Fannie Lou Hammer participated in negotiations with Vice President Herbert Humphrey.  A compromise led by President Johnson offered the MFDP delegation two at-large seats and a promise that at the 1968 convention the party would bar any delegation that discriminated against blacks. Attempts to undercut and discredit the workers and candidates of grassroots campaigns are not new.

The wrap-up of the opinion, “Wow, Carl called me a “pig”! “ I am not a pig, whether a simile, metaphor or expanded allegory. I am a gracious woman. You may criticize my opinion, my vote on an issue; but you may not assassinate my character. You did not use your emotional intelligence, Carl.

This behavior requires good and necessary trouble and prayer for you as the appropriate response. I have a campaign to work. Doors to knock! 

Dakary Watkins and I will see folks at the Yerwood Center on March 5, 2024, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.!

Happy Black History Month!

Bonnie Kim Campbell
Stamford, CT

Bonnie Kim Campbell is a DCC Candidate for District 5 Westside