It is Awful Living Near the Airport Now


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To the Editor:

I am an East Haven resident who lives with my family (husband, two daughters and dog), about a block away from Tweed. My husband and his mom grew up about a block away from our house and his grandparents built the house he grew up in…. So many generations!

Tweed was never a problem at all, until Avelo came along. It’s bad now, and with more planes and an increased frequency of flights. The noise, the smells, the pollution, the environmental impact, the potential emergency vehicle issues in getting to people due to congestion in the are (and more!) are a real stressor in an already stressful world.

My community and I are hurt, angry and upset, that we don’t matter. It’s an awful and isolating feeling.

Our community is not intended for a large airport with frequent flights.

This airport is making peoples’ lives convenient for travel days but it’s inconvenient every single day for those who live around Tweed and even further out.

It’s so awful for East Haven residents. Please understand and help stop the expansion. It is awful living near the airport now.

We are asking for compassion and help.

Rachel Winston
East Haven, CT