FAA Study ‘Outrageous and Fundamentally Flawed’


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To the Editor:

For the people who are living the nightmare of having Tweed build a new 84,000 sf terminal and 4,000 parking spaces in the precious wetlands off Coe Avenue , the FAA’s Finding Of No Significant Impact is outrageous and fundamentally flawed. There are multiple omissions, and absolute failures in this document making it negligent. Almost no mention of air pollution, environmental and wildlife impacts. The data is filled with inaccuracies as no testing was conducted. Endangered species are ignored, the northern migratory path is never mentioned and apparently pollution from runoff, fuel, pesticides and other pollutants is acceptable! 

People, many who are children are suffering from sleep deprivation, asthma, stress and other health problems. 

Historic flooding is irrelevant. Freight is now clearly the main driver of this expansion. This is an attack on the lives surrounding this once small hub where coastal fog continues to divert flights. Close to the site of the worst crash in CT aviation history, caused by fog and pilot error. FOG can not be eradicated!

For those of us who love our town it is a heartbreaking prospect that it will be changed forever. For the greed of a few Goldman Sachs investors, thousands of residents will suffer, and what was once a lovely beach town will become a filthy, congested freight hub.

Maybe it’s time to put up a for sale sign and get out of “Dodge”, before our homes are devalued! It is a bitter pill to swallow knowing that our lives and feelings have no value and it’s all about money for the elite few. 

Jean Edwards-Chieppo
East Haven, CT