Term Limits Would Eliminate Incumbents’ Electoral Monopoly


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To the Editor:

What would it mean to have ‘Term Limits” in Congress? In the first eight decades of our country very few members of Congress served more than two years. What has changed? Those who now go into government see it as a career. They receive a salary of $174,000, have power, influence, business connections, weak insider trading rules, etc., etc. The political elite acquire millions of dollars while in office. Incumbent Senators win reelection 75% of the time, in the House of Representatives it is 90%. Too many have served too long.  

Politicians hurt society by garnering political power by permanently remaining in office.So much so that Congress has become ineffective. According to the Berkely Review Senators who have been reelected have only fallen below 80% three times since 1982. In the last five decades social ideologies and cronyism have changed in Congress. It has caused the inability of Congress to come to consensus. Because of it, little gets done to help those districts politicians represent. 

Term limits would give voters choices and eliminate the electoral monopoly that incumbents currently enjoy, they would eliminate a permanent political class as we now have, they would allow Congress to focus on our most serious political, domestic and national problems, they would give Congress back to the people and slow the growth of spending and taxes. Term limits would curtail much of the influence of special interest groups such as organized labor, lobbyists, and super packs all of which are entrenched with the political elite. They are a real threat to our democracy by controlling politicians and political outcomes because of their financial power to impact elections. 

We need to [change the] political landscape to limit Congress by making term limits an election issue. Under Article V of the Constitution state legislatures can create a convention to enact a Constitutional amendment for term limits. There are currently 19 states that have term limits. We need 34 to change history. Publicly making this an election issue puts term limits into the limelight. It becomes newsworthy when politicians are asked to give an answer in person, would they vote to enact a State Constitutional Convention for term limits.

Without term limits the government will continue their intrusion into our daily lives. At present we have an autocratic President that ignores the Constitution of the United States. A President who doesn’t enforce the rule of law at our U.S. border putting U.S. citizens at risk while spending billions of taxpayer dollars to house, feed, educate illegal immigrants ignoring our own citizens. A President putting the USA on the brink of another war. A President who has weaponed the Justice Department. A president who has taken our energy independence away, creating hundreds of new regulations. An Administration that has forced us to accept woke policies, and an education system indoctrinating our children to attack our own history. A government that uses entitlements to control a segment of the population at taxpayer expense. A President who refers to conservative groups as domestic enemies of the government, lumping conservative voters, Mothers for Education, and those of the Catholic religion as terrorists, etc., etc. 

Most of the social degradation in this country is a direct result of democratic policies. All in the quest for power and control. They believe that government is the cure for all that ails us. The more entitlements, the more control. To continue this path will destroy the country as we know it.

There is an organization addressing term limits on a national basis called the Convention of States Action. It is an organization seeking to promote term limits in each State in the Union. If you are interested in changing Congress, you can go to info@conventionofstates.com. Yes, they have representation in Connecticut!  

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT 06762