The Left Wants to Change Voting to Hold Power

Credit: Michael Ramirez


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To the Editor:

The framers of the Constitution were brilliant in understanding that if their quest for self-rule was to succeed, a system of checks and balances would be required to avoid aggregation of power.   Recent commentary in Connecticut has argued for abolishing the electoral college as being “undemocratic” in a bid to change the rules on how we elect the President.

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez has graphically demonstrated the result of abandoning the electoral college.  California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois would dominate the map, with all the other states squeezed into mere ribbons laced between these behemoths.  Small population states such as Connecticut would be subject to the whims, trends, and dictates of residents in the very few large states. 

Recently, Connecticut and several blue states, have had a preview of this level of dictatorial behavior with the “choice” between implementing the clean air standards of the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA, or the unelected California Air Resources Board (CARB).  Thankfully, the citizens of Connecticut stood up and overwhelmingly said “no” to the imposition of mandates to eliminate gasoline powered automobiles by 2035.

We the citizens need to elect people who are not in lockstep with those who would impose their ideas of how a free people should live.  The ideological left, in their bid to hold power, wants to change the rules on voting (no-excuse absentee ballots; ranked choice voting; no ID required voting) because they know they can’t persuade common sense people with their weak or non-existent arguments.   

We will hear a good deal more in Connecticut about “no-excuse” absentee ballots this year.  In November, we will be asked if we should change the Connecticut Constitution from the current, well-defined list of six reasons for voting in absentia.  Given that Connecticut has now implemented early voting, there appears to be no reason for no-excuse absentee ballots.  This measure should be voted down.

All citizens need to be involved at all levels of our government to stem this tide that threatens the freedoms that we have inherited.

Robert Ham
Cheshire, CT