Madison’s New Indoor Golf Facility Set to Swing into Action

John Galli takes a swing at one of the golf simulators at Shoreline Golf House in Madison, opening Jan. 13, 2024 (CT Examiner).


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MADISON — The long and frigid New England winters can make the nearly four-hour trek across an 18-hole golf course seem like a ludicrous venture. But Jon Galli is moving forward with a local option for golfers wanting to keep their swing sharp through the cold days. 

Shoreline Golf House, an indoor golfing facility at 170 Fort Path Road, is slated to have its grand opening on Jan. 13. The event will include games and giveaways. 

“I just love golf,” said Galli, who’s been golfing since he was 14 and left his real estate job to start this new enterprise. “Doing something like this was always a dream, to build something of my own. Building something together was something we always wanted to do. Any time I can golf is a nice day.”

Now, a nice day doesn’t have to depend on the weather forecast, as Shoreline Golf House has three simulators with 300 tour-level golf courses.

“We’re doing two different membership options,” Galli said. 

The first package is $250 a month for unlimited golf, or $15 a month plus an hourly rate of $48 an hour per group. 

“You can book three weeks in advance through an online portal, or you can always call in,” he said. 

Aside from having a warm place to golf during the winter, Galli said he was inspired by his 6-month-old and 2-year-old children. Instead of walking a nine- or 18-hole course, he said, playing the holes indoors would be faster, and a person could get home to their families sooner.

Creating Shoreline Golf House was also about creating a community, he said, offering events, rentable space for birthday parties and corporate events, contests, leagues and training. 

The software he uses, called TrackMan, provides on-the-spot shot analysis.

“You can spend an hour at the driving range and not see any improvement because you don’t know what you’re doing wrong,” Galli said. “With the TrackMan, you can see the swing analysis and fine tune your shot. I find it to be the best and most reliable.”

The device tracks a ball when swung and marks the location on a projection of the course a person’s playing on. The ball bounces back to the player off the projection screen. The program also offers range practice, target practice and minigames, as well as the 300 courses. There are wind measurements, drone flyovers of the courses, and views of the green to help angle the shots appropriately.

Galli anticipates that Shoreline Golf Course will continue to attract interest and appeal throughout the summer.

“You can go out on a golf course and play, but seeing your swing analysis will make it a little more fun for you when you’re actually out on the course,” he said. “We’ll probably still do summer leagues because you can’t golf at night. The Madison Country Club doesn’t have a range or a simulator, so if you want to come warm up before your round, you can always stop here, fine tune your swing before heading out.”