It Begins in 2024: An Outlook for the New Year

State Sen. Rob Sampson


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To the Editor:

Happy New Year to everyone in our district and state! As we welcome the new year with hope for positive change, I want to assure you that I am committed to serving as an example of how to fulfill my role as a state senator. I continue to approach this position with deep respect and a sense of responsibility, understanding that I have been chosen by my neighbors to protect their rights, and to set the course for just, limited, and constitutional government that is designed to amplify our successes and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Predictably, there will be several hot-button political issues in 2024. Poor policy decisions made by majorities on the state and federal level have led to rising costs, soaring crime, and a dubious election process. I refuse to stay silent and instead continue to propose legislation and build influence to reverse these alarming trends in Connecticut.

Stopping Crime: Government’s main role is to ensure safety for all citizens. Connecticut Democrats continue to claim that crime is down, but anyone with common sense knows that’s not true. Car thefts, break-ins, street takeovers, and even violent crimes are on the rise.

Since 2010, legislative Democrats and Governors Malloy and Lamont have advanced a series of progressive policies focused on diminishing criminal prosecution and accountability in our state. Many of these policies also have the effect of undermining law enforcement at all levels. I voted no on all of them.

Year after year, I am committed to introducing legislative measures aimed at rebuilding the rule of law, curbing the crime wave, and restoring respect and support for law enforcement.

Preventing the Ban of Gas-Powered Cars and Trucks: Because of your voices, we were able to thwart the Lamont administration’s rushed and misguided effort to ban gas-powered vehicles in Connecticut. Surprisingly, the Governor and Democrat leaders remain intent on pushing their “Green New Deal” agenda. It is a matter of when, not if, we will see a renewed effort in 2024 for far-reaching mandates that prevent you from purchasing new gasoline-powered cars, and light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks.

Aside from being an abuse of government force and coercion, this mandate makes little sense. Electric Vehicle technology is not fully developed, has its own environmental downsides, and will deprive our neighbors of their freedom, all for zero real benefit—even assuming the dire predictions of the green movement. Personal choice and freedom in the marketplace must be protected. This imperative is especially true when there is a lack of any compelling argument to begin outlawing gasoline-powered vehicles.

Securing Our Elections: The policies that impact our daily lives are only as good as the confidence we have in our system to legitimately elect the leaders who establish and implement them.

Despite my multiple warnings of the dangers of mixing flawed voter rolls with unsolicited absentee ballot applications and unsecured ballot drop boxes, we’ve seen the ensuing disaster in Connecticut. I will continue to introduce the same commonsense amendments as I have over the past decade to secure our elections.

Every eligible voter must have equal access to a ballot to have their voice heard and the integrity of our elections must be preserved so that every voter regardless of the place, time, or party affiliation, trusts in the results.

The Bigger Picture: Rest assured; these challenges can be overcome by demanding accountability from our elected officials. When we unite our voices and stand together, they simply cannot ignore us. Time and time again, we have witnessed the power of an informed electorate in stopping harmful policies like tolls, the TCI Gas Tax and (for now) bans on gas-powered vehicles.

Even more important than these issues is the battle for the soul of our nation. Our culture is helplessly divided and many of us fear we are losing our way. My goal is to ensure that our beautiful state and country remains free and prosperous by standing firmly against progressive socialism and the growth of government power.

Our great country relies on the strength and wisdom of individual citizens. Those that know history know we are in grave danger of repeating foolishness from the past. I will be a clarion call for common sense, truth, and our American spirit.

Despite these challenges, I remain hopeful and fully committed to restoring our unique American perspective and securing the quality of life we deserve. Together, we can pave the way to a brighter future for Connecticut and it begins in 2024.