Old Lyme Developer Ordered to Install Erosion Controls, Conduct Proper Testing for Road Construction

Recent construction at 16 Neck Road in Old Lyme, CT (CT Examiner)


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OLD LYME — On Wednesday, Jan. 3, on-site work came to a temporary halt on a nine-lot subdivision at 16 Neck Road.

The town’s zoning enforcement officer Eric Knapp told CT Examiner by phone on Friday morning that he had reviewed the site a few days before and given the developer Frank Nocito a punch list of items to bring the project into compliance. 

Knapp told CT Examiner that there were two areas the owner needed to address — erosion control and construction of the road. 

“They need erosion control measures, because there really are not adequate erosion control measures on the site,” Knapp said. 

During an earlier June 13, 2023 visit by the town’s engineering firm, Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates, no significant erosion and sediment control measures were in place despite significant clearing on the worksite, according to a report obtained by CT Examiner at the time.

Knapp told CT Examiner on Friday that the road had also been installed without the proper testing for materials and depth. 

“They put in the road without having it properly tested to see whether the material that went into it is the right density,” he said. “And, they didn’t have somebody observe what is the right amount of sub base was being put underneath the road. So they’re going to need to demonstrate that to the engineer’s satisfaction to make sure the road was properly laid.”

Knapp said that testing for the density of the materials will be sent out to a lab and would not be done in-house by the town engineer. 

He explained that the depth of the sub base will be measured by taking a core sample of the road, and will need to be done in at least one location to show that the sub base was installed properly. 

Knapp said he expected a detailed response from the developer in the next week.

“Again, we are expecting to get the erosion controls put in and we are expecting to get the evidence regarding the density of the material that went into the road sub base and the depth of the sub base. That should be happening hopefully within the next few days.”

Later on Friday some work appeared to have resumed on the site.