What Does Rosa DeLauro Think About Husband’s Rap on Biden

Chris Powell


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Married couples are entitled to differences of opinion and separate careers. But when married couples are in politics, such differences may be of public interest.

Such is the case with Connecticut U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd District, and her husband, Stanley Greenberg, perhaps the most prominent poll taker, political analyst, and liberal policy strategist in the Democratic Party. Though his wife the congresswoman is a hard-left party loyalist and supporter of President Biden, last week Greenberg wrote an essay for the Financial Times arguing from his firm’s own polling that the president is a disaster politically.

Greenberg’s essay was framed as a prescription for the recovery of Biden’s campaign for re-election. But the essay was just as much an indictment of Biden’s performance on inflation, the economy, and immigration and his political obliviousness. Biden, Greenberg wrote, “hasn’t realized yet the rules of the next presidential election.” 

Greenberg continued: “Citizens have lived with more than two years of wages not keeping up with prices. That is why the percentage rating the economy as ‘poor’ is rising to its highest level this year.

“Consider anger about profiteering and the public’s growing distrust of big corporations and their influence over the political class. As people struggle financially, they ask why the oil companies or big retail chains are not helping with lower prices. They watched in the last few years as four companies gained more than 75% market share for infant formula, baby food, beef processing, pasta, cereal, and soda.”

Greenberg wrote that his poll asked voters what would concern them about Biden’s re-election. “Soaring to the top of the list were images of ‘the border being wide open to millions of impoverished immigrants,'” many of them “criminals and drug dealers who are overwhelming America’s cities.”

By contrast, Greenberg wrote, “Trump gets it,” having “promised to launch the ‘largest domestic deportation operation in American history’ and to secure the border.”

Of course Trump didn’t solve the border problem during his first term and was lazier than persistent on that issue and most others, but Biden now is the face of the awful status quo.

Greenberg concluded that Trump will win “as long as almost 60% of voters choose him and the Republicans over Biden and the Democrats on ‘your wages and salary keeping up with the cost of living’ and handling ‘crime’ and the ‘border.'”

So what does Greenberg’s wife, the congresswoman, think about her husband’s analysis? 

If DeLauro finds any fault with Biden, she hasn’t expressed it publicly, though polls have found that most Democrats want their party to nominate someone else for president, a sentiment DeLauro and the rest of Connecticut’s members of Congress, all Democrats, have ignored — and get away with ignoring because no one in journalism in Connecticut seems to have asked them.

Indeed, Connecticut’s members of Congress seldom get any critical questions from journalists back home. Journalism back home just reports what they say and what they want their constituents to hear.

Greenberg’s polling and essay omitted two Biden failings that may weigh on his standing as much as inflation, the economy, and uncontrolled immigration: his corrupt influence-peddling business with his relatives and his sinking mental and physical condition, which is often on display even though major news organizations strive to conceal it. 

The president is simply not presentable. He is often incoherent, makes up stories easily disproven, loses track of where he is and who he is with, and spends a suspiciously large amount of time at home in Delaware. (Trump is not aging so well himself and has mental lapses too but not so many.)

In the last two years of his second term President Ronald Reagan also was much weakened by age but the country was in good shape and he wasn’t seeking re-election. Now the country is a mess and if Democrats keep enabling Trump by sticking with Biden, they will be to blame if the mess gets worse.


Chris Powell has written about Connecticut government and politics for many years. (CPowell@cox.net