Tweed-New Haven Airport: The Plane (sic) Truth.

Tweed New Haven Airport in New Haven, CT. (Credit: Sophia Muce)


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To the Editor:

Proposed improvements (HVN Environmental Assessment ) to Tweed-New Haven Airport are currently under a great deal of public and federal scrutiny (just as it should be). As a native New Haven resident, I eagerly look forward to the upcoming Federal decision. I know many other Tweed supporters do as well.

The proposed improvements to Tweed-New Haven Airport, as proposed by the Airport Master Plan, are meant to enhance and improve the experience of the nearly one (1) million passengers who have been on Avelo Airlines flights in just this year alone.

Unfortunately, the terms “enhance” and “improve” in regards to Tweed are quite objectionable if you were to ask anti-airport persons who have set up camp so-to-speak around HVN.

These anti-airport persons have promulgated mischaracterizations, misrepresentations and failed to disclose countless relevant perspectives (to name a few tactics) to this discussion. How do I (and others) know this?

My experience as a life-long aviation professional and Commercial Airline Pilot tells me so. That’s how.

As a professional pilot and instructor pilot, what I can tell you is this: I have listened to and engaged (to a limited extent…the engaging part! ) these persons in a polite and professional manner in hopes of having a productive and beneficial conversation. This, to no avail.

Simply, I’ve expressed to them, “airplanes don’t do that” or “that’s not how airports really work“. I’ve asked to see the quantifiable, verifiable evidence to support their claims. After all, aviation is rife with regulations and standard operating procedures. As such, if there’s a rule I’m not aware of, I’d sure like to know where it is. I have never been shown these and many other “rules”. They don’t exist.

As one of the many professional flight crew members directly responsible for your safety and that of your loved ones, I can authoritatively say: These groups and their prominent figureheads seek to control the HVN narrative with malicious falsehoods and other illegitimate tactics. It is very unfortunate that these groups seem to have taken control of the public narrative with hardly a shred of verifiable evidence or qualifications to substantiate their statements. Where are the fact checkers? I’ve been checking their facts…and I’m not impressed.

Whether you are an ardent advocate of the airport or not is not what’s really important. The true matter of importance is in knowing the full and factually correct subject material. I can tell you I’ve heard things about my own profession that I’ve never imagined possible. Rest assured, I would not want any of these persons as my co-pilot. I would suggest they not “pilot” your opinion on Tweed-New Haven Airport.

The groups that have risen to prominence in this airport discussion have perpetuated and disseminated copious amounts of false information. It is my opinion that they have done a great disservice to not just the cause of environmental stewardship and public debate, but to public safety.  My job is your safety and I take direct offense to their lies and deceit about a subject I know very well. You should take offense to them too.

These groups and their prominent individuals have demonstrated a careless, reckless and wanton disregard for all who would not know otherwise.

T. Lorenti, Captain
Meriden, CT