Avelo, Tweed and (In)convenience


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To the Editor:

I am sitting here in my home on this dreary December morning and have been thinking about the CONVENIENCE message that Avelo and Tweed market.

Last night two more flights were diverted to Bradley as the fog made it impossible to land. I am not sure if this was due to pilot inexperience or the conditions worsened, as other flights landed.

They made several attempts to land before being diverted, I can only imagine the stress and fear that the passengers felt when they could not land after coming down to a very low altitude!

I wonder how the passengers are feeling about the “convenience” of having to get home by another means, or wait 12 hours or more in an airport.

Because of its position midway between New York and Boston—and lack of coastal fog— Bradley Field presented an attractive site for the development of a commercial airport. It is 45 minutes by car from Tweed.

On June 7, 1971 an Allegheny aircraft crashed into the beach cottages due to fog and pilot error, killing 28 people. This is a major reason why the expansion should not be allowed.

No building on stilts due to the flooding at the proposed site will eradicate FOG!

This is a very dangerous and deadly situation that the people in the densely populated neighborhoods face.

This is not the place for a large airport. It is on a flood plain, in wetlands and in an area that already has flooding issues. To then add poor weather conditions is creating a greater risk.

What is it going to take for the residents to get an Environmental Impact Statement? Another catastrophic event? When will the powers at be listen to reason and look back at what happened already? When will the FAA and Goldman Sachs consider the residents and the public safety, over investors interest?

I hope it will not be too late!

Jean Edwards Chieppo 
East Haven, CT