It’s Time to Wake the Sleeping Giant


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To the Editor:

That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from earth.” This is a quote from the Gettysburg Address.

Where we stand right now as a country, this very day, this very minute, and this very second, there is nothing more important, as a nation, but to understand how I started this letter off. If you take anything from this letter, at least understand what our country stands for. About the foundation our country is built on.

Who we elect as our next President will not change a thing. To make a change, means we as citizens mast change so that our next President understands that we the people will have a say in his decisions. Those decisions must not be made because of monetary, or favors influenced by large companies or other countries. This is exactly what is happening, and we the people must put a stop to it. Politicians who started out in office with pay checks just like you, have magically become millionaires within a short period of time. And it will be our responsibility to make sure that the next Presidents honors the authority, and respect of the people. We should not have to vote for a person who has the most marketing exposure or who gets the most money to run a campaign. Candidates receive big bucks from Pharma, Large Corporations, Oil Companies, and other unknown sources etc. to fund their campaigns. They can now afford media coverage. Media gives the most exposure to candidates with big bucks, and less exposure to the candidates who lack the funds. This now limits our choice of who we see running and who we can vote for. How many times have you heard people say, “Who you are voting for?”, “Not sure I don’t like either one of them.” A very common response.

We need a true leader with character, substance, and integrity. We need a true leader, not a boss. A leader belongs in government, a boss belongs in a company. There’s a big difference if you understand where I am going with this. A leader will understand and commit to the understanding of what the Gettysburg Address was all about, that his leadership is to be controlled “by the people, for the people.”

We as Americans have become complacent with voting, with current events and with our social engagements. Complacent in getting to know our neighbors and caring for one another as a community.  We are extremely complacent in our obligation to get out and vote. It’s not just an obligation, it is a right, and a privilege given to us. And America once again has become a sleeping giant.

When Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, the Japanese soldiers were hopping up and down with joy as their strike on Pearl Harbor was a success. Meanwhile as all this conflict was evolving, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, who oversaw the Japanese fleet stood motionless and silent with a look of fear on his face as he stated. “I fear all we have done was awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” And low and behold, Yamamoto would regret his attack on Americans. Because America suddenly, and without warning, was awakened.

So, why am I sitting down writing this letter? The reason is because America has again become a sleeping giant. A little anxiety exists while I write this letter. I’m just not sure America is awake enough for this letter to have any effect at all. I am proud enough to say, I will attempt to wake up America. Rise and shine my friends. It’s time to dig in and take a stand.

If General Patton were still alive, I can hear him say, Walt, what America needs right now is a good kick in the butt. I agree!  Wake up America. Get your lazy butts out of bed, stand up tall, plant both feet on the ground and join together to protect our great country. If you don’t, neither will anyone else and America will remain in extreme danger. Right now, America is in a very vulnerable state surrounded with violence, conflicts, corruption, and wars on the outside. On our inside we are dealing with  corruption, violent protests, non-support of our police, high inflation, our loss of history, China fueling our country with fentanyl killing thousands of people, Our leaders are failing to close our borders, leaving many Americans feeling helpless. This puts America in a very serious environment.

And as I walk through my community, I notice that most people have their head in the ground, to avoid reality. They feel helpless and afraid.

I’ll not do that because fear only makes the wolf look bigger. I will stand my ground and defend our freedoms to no end. I will hold my head up high and fight all aggression I encounter with all my strength. Maybe our next President should take my attitude into consideration.

America wants a President who can give us back our four freedoms as depicted in Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings. Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

We the people want a President and representatives who will understand, respect, and enforce our constitution that was given to us by our forefathers. We need a leader, not a boss. We must clean the stagnant swamp in our government. We need new younger adults in office. Rosa Delora in office 32 years 10 months, Richard Blumenthal in office 12 years 10 months, he also was in office as Attorney General for 5 terms. Mitch McConnell 38 Years 10 months in office, Chuck Schumer 24 years 10 months in office. Chuck Grassley is 90 Years old and Nancy Pelosi is seeking re-election next year at 83 years old.  There are no term limits, and our government has become more of an old age home for the very rich. This is crazy and yet we refuse to exert enough energy to get up and vote these officials out of office when it’s time to vote. Don’t complain though, because the fault falls entirely on us the voters. If you truly want to see change, then we, the public, are responsible for making that change happen.  It’s time for us to tell these officials to pack your bags, because next election we are going to vote and a new sheriff is coming into town.

People run election campaigns and win because it’s so easy to win. People are naïve, so all you have to do is “tell the people what they want to hear.” And that’s exactly what candidates do, and we fall for it every time. How sad is that?  When candidates speak, they tell us things that we the constituents already know. They’re not telling us anything new. And as soon as they are elected to office, day suddenly turns to night and all those promises made to us while campaigning seem to disappear. They fail and they continue to fail to honor the request of their constituents who voted them into office. Now their main focus is on how to make money.

I would suggest that you take time to write to your elected officials and voice your opinions with them. Tell them If we don’t see change, you will not be getting my vote. Let them know that you now mean business. Although from my own personal experience, writing to officials was a waste of time. If you’re lucky enough you might get a form letter back saying thank you for your comments and they will investigate your complaints. It’s the same letter everyone gets back, they just replace it with your name. And if you write a strong enough letter containing actual truths and facts that the elected official cannot defend, you will probably not get a response at all.

I would like to end this letter with a simple goodbye and say thank you to everyone who reads this editorial.  I have no intention of continuing further letters. Any response whether you agree or disagree with me will be considered as a gift for my efforts. It is now time for me to Wake up America, a new day awaits all of us. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. God Bless.                                                                                                                                        

Walt Popowski
Naugatuck, CT