The Demise of Government


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To the Editor:

In Washington we have the political elite who oppose the rights of those they govern. For them it is about power versus public interest and the rights of citizens. Two hundred years ago it was easy for the public majority to communicate to the electorate to control political power. As we have grown as a country, diversity, religious bias, hundreds of nationalities with different views based upon their homeland, millions of illegals entering the US who have no obligation to assimilate into our society – all have separate interests which is changing the political landscape. 

The result is ambitious politicians who control the power. The Washington elite represent the breakdown of the US Constitution. It is tyranny that goes against the very foundations of our Democratic Republic. Under the Biden Administration all the checks and balances forthwith in the Constitution, as in separation of powers, are being ignored by the self-seeking motives of our Executive Branch of government – what our Forefathers worked so hard to attain in the belief that the primary control of government will remain with the people. They also believed in limited government. 

Unfortunately, the voice of “We the people” is rapidly becoming a footnote in history. The process of communicating ideas of the people to refine or modify society no longer exists. Public opinion has been subjugated to the political power of those in office. In days of old, public opinion carried weight when it came to voting. In today’s world it is about the views of government based upon polling. 

The separation of powers written in the Constitution were intended to check the self-seeking personal motives of those who hold political office. It is meant to be a safeguard against government tyranny based upon the will of the majority population. The far left in office have promoted liberal political ideologies, socialist in nature lacking what constitutes the true meaning within the US Constitution. If the Biden Administration got its way we would eliminate the 1st, 2nd,4th, and 10th amendments to the Constitution. 

As we have seen, large government has silenced the public unless if fits their political agenda with the liberal media supporting such views as to influence public opinion. The liberal media represent the antithesis of liberalism in a deliberate process to change public opinion on political issues. This has a profound influence on the sovereignty of the majority of “We the people” to have their ideas heard. We have seen the current government censor public opinion based upon political interests and ambitious politicians. Unfortunately, rather than being investigative in the process the liberal media has become subservient. 

Our predicament is government has grown beyond anything our forefathers could have imagined and with it a vitriol of demographic, historical changes, public passions and political interests. All seen through the eyes of social media with its deleterious impact on aggravating public passions. It boils down to a massive national bureaucracy shifting power from the legislative branch of government to the executive branch with the result being the diminution of Congress. It has become a failure in the realm of public opinion. Instead, public opinion has a negative belief as to whether Congress can govern or not. Most Americans look at our government with contempt as it becomes nothing more than a ruling class devoid of the principles within the US Constitution. We have become a government that legislates without Congress. Instead we legislate in favor of social constructs, political power and identity politics. Partisanship will be the demise of our Democratic Republic. To continue on this path will result in our self-governance becoming nonexistent.  

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland