Democrat Takes on Democratic Accusations Regarding Zoning in East Lyme


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To the Editor:

I wanted to comment on the recent article by Nick Menapace, RE: “Zoning Appointment Denies Accountability to East Lyme Voters,” (Letter, Nov. 5).

Nick questioned the procedures of the Zoning Commission voting at Thursday’s Zoning meeting on November 2, 2023. What he fails remember is that several months ago the Democratic Town Committee leadership asked a long-term Zoning Commissioner, Bill Dwyer, to resign so that endorsed-candidate Denise Markovitz could be voted in to fill Mr. Dwyer’s space as it would be more easily able for Denise Markovitz to run and win as an incumbent. It was stated at a Democrat Town Committee meeting that it was a “good political move.” That seems to have been intentional. But what recently occurred after Terry Granatek had to resign was not intentional and Zoning was not aware he was resigning, but the leadership of the Democrat Town Committee, of which Nick Menapace is co-chair, was part of this attempt to manipulate the voting process.

Bill Dwyer served many years on Zoning and he himself let it be known all over town that he did not want to resign but to finish his last term with dignity . Nick Menapace appears to only be interested in bashing current commission members . If Zoning does not fill a vacancy within 30 days then the BOS has to. Since Nick Menapace is a candidate for Planning shouldn’t he be focusing on that?

Debbie Jett-Harris
East Lyme, CT

Jett-Harris, a Democrat, sits on the East Lyme Zoning Commission