Mesham a ‘Straight Shooter’ Not a ‘Politician’


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To the Editor:

When I think of leadership, I often think about those who are brave and are willing to put others above themselves. John Mesham has had a lifetime of putting others first and done so with the utmost respect and professionalism. As a Veteran and retired Master Sergeant in the State Police, John has, at times, put himself in harm’s way to keep us safe. John’s background shows character and a lifelong desire to help and protect others.

If you’ve had the chance to meet John, you know he is a straight shooter and not a politician. He is running for First Selectman to serve the public at a difficult time in our nation. With all the divisiveness happening, I want someone who will simply do what’s right – not for party, not for prestige, but for community. I firmly believe John is that person and he is the type of leader Old Lyme needs. He will look out for our finances, work to ensure our children are safe, and prevent our town from becoming overdeveloped. Many of us moved here for Old Lyme’s quaintness, outstanding schools, low taxes, safety, and environmental beauty. It is vital we protect that and I believe John is the candidate to do so.

I’ve known John and his family for many years, as our children have gone through the Old Lyme school system together. They are all solid citizens and it’s always been an absolute pleasure being in their company. John and I currently serve on the Inland Wetlands Commission together and I’m always impressed by his diligence and thoughtful approach to each unique situation that is presented to us.

John Mesham and his outstanding running mate, Jude Read, will bring strength to town hall and I encourage you to support them on November 7th. We deserve leadership and that’s what you will get when you vote for them.

Peter Friel
Old Lyme