Chris Shays: Kupchick Will ‘Do An Outstanding Job On Your Behalf’


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Dear Residents of the Town of Fairfield,

I had a truly wonderful staff working for me, and for the residents of Fairfield and the entire 4th Congressional District.  Brenda Kupchick, a gifted member of my staff, and now First Selectwoman of your town, was the very best I could possibly want, so it is not surprising to me, that Brenda has done such a remarkable job helping to guide the Town of Fairfield.

In my office Brenda was caring, smart, hard-working, results oriented, and willing to tell me thoughtfully, but in no uncertain terms, exactly how she felt about a particular case, or the functioning of the office, or what she thought about my conduct or positions as your representative in Washington.

Brenda Kupchick is a remarkable person, who loves her responsibility serving the residents of Fairfield, and appreciates making sure its town employees feel purposeful and valued.

I want you to know, I have nothing but absolute gratitude and admiration for your First Selectwoman, and believe Brenda will continue to do an outstanding job on your behalf.

Christopher Shays

Shays was U.S. Congressman for the 4th District from 1987-2009