Kupchick ‘Continues to Steer us Past the Worst Scandals’


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To the Editor: 

Fairfield’s First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick has done an outstanding job as First Selectwoman, following years of scandal and mismanagement by predecessors.  She continues to steer us past the worst scandals in Fairfield’s living memory – the twin disasters of the Fill Pile and Penfield Pavilion  (to be rebuilt for the third time, due to previous leaders’ incompetence) amid the stresses of COVID.

Fairfield has changed a lot since my great grandparents moved here in the earliest part of the last century, and Brenda in my strongly-held opinion is just the person to guide us forward for our children’s and our benefits.  

I read with disappointment the sniping at her among keyboard warriors on social media, mostly by individuals hiding behind fake screen names.  She is a change agent with an inbox full of inherited problems that need her skill and prudence for resolution.    Criticism is fine but nastiness is not.  

I fully support with Brenda’s re-election, to enable Fairfield’s best future.  

Tom Collimore, CFA 

Written personally; not on behalf of Town of Fairfield investment and pension boards.