Gerber Offers Closing Words for Fairfield Race

Bill Gerber and Christine Vitale


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To the Editor:

Over the past seven months Christine and I have enjoyed meeting thousands of our neighbors throughout Fairfield- at small and large gatherings, and individually while meeting them going door to door. We are grateful to everyone who kept an open mind and heard our vision, read our material, asked important questions, and shared their thoughts and concerns. We have been encouraged by the number of people, of all political affiliations, who expressed interest in participating in town government and are heartened that our residents generally agree Fairfield is a wonderful town with superior public schools, activities, commercial districts, and natural beauty.

Christine and I also learned a lot about the challenges residents face too. For example, some seniors would like to stay in Fairfield and move to senior housing, which is scarce in Fairfield. Others want to remain in their homes but are unsure of services that could make this feasible. Many long-time residents are having trouble making ends meet, as home appraised values skyrocket, tax rates increase, and inflation eats into disposable income. Fairfielders are waking up to the lack of cohesive long-term planning over decades that has negatively impacted our quality of life and created uncertainty. We see continued development that appears haphazard and uncontrolled, bringing with it increasing traffic congestion and safety concerns.

Christine and I are more convinced than ever that we are the right candidates to face these challenges as First Selectman and Selectman. Fairfield is a vibrant community with many incredibly valuable assets. Addressing our town’s challenges requires considerable analysis, deep managerial experience, and willingness to collaborate. My background as a private-sector chief financial officer, manager of large teams of employees, and member of the RTM for a decade, coupled with Christine’s finance training, experience, and deep understanding of our public school system and its budget, puts us in a position to lead Fairfield in a way our opponents cannot.

Christine Vitale and I can pivot Fairfield towards a future for Fairfield we will all be proud of and want to be a part of. We hope to earn your vote on November 7th.

Bill Gerber
Candidate for First Selectman of Fairfield
Fairfield, CT