Fairfield Democratic Town Committee Responds to RTC Accusations

Credit: Robin Breeding


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To the Editor:

The Fairfield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) wishes to respond to the demonstrably false claims made recently by Republican Town Committee (RTC) Chair, Melissa Longo. It’s regrettable that we must focus energy on something so petty and irrelevant just days before an election. We’d simply dismiss these claims as a desperate last-ditch effort by an RTC struggling with their candidate’s abysmal track record if it weren’t for the fact that the RTC has falsely accused Bill Gerber of lying. We must correct the record:

Despite Longo’s claims, the fact is that First Selectman candidate Bill Gerber ceased supporting the former First Selectman upon learning of the fill pile issue, was openly critical of him during a public meeting, voted for now First Selectwoman Kupchick in the 2019 election, and was one of the only Democrats to support Ms. Kupchick’s first major initiative. Sadly, Ms. Kupchick failed to deliver on promises she made about that initiative (the Volunteer Early Retirement Program), which was a failure.

The fact is, after four years in office, First Selectwoman Kupchick has failed to deliver on numerous campaign promises, including that of cleaning up Town government. In fact, her Administration has been characterized by a disconcerting lack of fiscal and operational controls and a refusal to implement the very safeguards needed to prevent another scandal like the one she continuously politicizes.

For months, First Selectman candidate Bill Gerber has been sharing his vision for moving Fairfield forward, instituting responsible budgeting, and creating safer neighborhoods. Fairfield deserves the professional financial and operational government that Bill and his running mate, Christine Vitale for Selectman, will deliver.

Democratic Town Committee