Two Candidates to Support in Greenwich Selectman Race

Greenwich Town Hall (Google Map Data, 2023)


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To the Editor:

I write in support of the candidacy of Janet Stone McGuigan for the Greenwich Board of Selectmen and Laura Erickson for First Selectman. 

I have known both of them for many years in their capacities as PTA leaders and through their work at other community organizations.  I served with Laura on the Health and Human Services Committee of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) and was impressed by her compassion in caring for all residents of Greenwich.  She prepared rigorously for committee meetings and was knowledgeable and insightful in her contributions.  I have observed these traits as well as a talent for leadership in her tenure on the Boards of Education (BOE) and Estimate and Taxation (BET). 

Janet and I have been friends through twenty years of raising children in Greenwich.  She is incredibly upbeat, dedicated, and detail-oriented.  I have witnessed firsthand the hard work she has put into her role on the Board of Selectmen, devoting a wealth of time and effort to meeting the needs of our town’s citizenry.  Both Janet and Laura strive to be collegial and positive, prioritizing what is right for Greenwich above political considerations.  Their intelligence, enthusiasm, integrity, and concern for others, combined with their commitment to good government in Greenwich, make them immensely valuable to this community, as individuals and as a team.

Adam J. Savitz MD PhD
Greenwich, CT