State Rep. Writes in Support of Old Lyme Candidates


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To the Editor:

First off, I want to commend all of the candidates running for putting their names on a ballot. It is not easy to open yourself up to potential public criticism for, in most instances, volunteer positions. I also want to take a moment to thank First Selectman Tim Griswold and Tax Collector Judy Tooker for their years of service and dedication to Old Lyme. Tim served, in total, 18 years as First Selectman and Judy served for 30 years as Tax Collector, pretty remarkable.

This year, I am encouraging Old Lyme voters to support the Mesham/Read ticket. John Mesham has years of public safety and emergency management experience as a Resident State Trooper and Master Sergeant with the State Police. To me, those skills will be necessary when dealing with issues such as traffic (we all know how bad it can get if there is an accident on 95), police and employee relations, and crime. Jude brings experience on the Board of Education and Board of Finance to the table, which makes her the perfect complement to John. He and Jude Read both have experience with public sector budgets and will be able to deliver financially responsible plans for Old Lyme.

For Tax Collector, Suzanne Thompson has put in the time to learn the job and will offer a seamless transition after the election. She’s a professional and will be great in the role. For Treasurer, Matt Ward will provide the necessary time and energy Old Lyme residents deserve. He has experience serving as a Selectman and will show up to Board of Finance meetings to give timely updates.

It is vital to have strong partners on local boards that will do what’s best for the community. Every year there are legislative proposals for new zoning mandates, education regulations, and new taxes targeting towns like Old Lyme. I trust the Republican ticket as the best local defense against this type of state overreach and the ticket that will fight for our autonomy, which we all cherish.

In my view, we are all incredibly blessed to live in this area and, while we may disagree at times, it is important to remember that we are neighbors. Regardless of the outcome, the election will be over in a week and it will be time to get to work. I encourage you to vote on November 7th to make your voice heard, and, when you go to the polls, remember Row B – the Mesham/Read ticket.

Devin Carney
Old Saybrook, CT

Carney, a Republican, serves as state representative for the 23rd House District