‘Look at the Facts, and Ignore the Unfounded and Untruthful Partisan Claims’ in Greenwich Election

Greenwich Town Hall (Google Map Data, 2023)


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To the Editor:

It seems like almost every other day we receive an email or text from the Greenwich Democrats claiming that our Republican officials present a clear and present danger to Democracy and are destroying Greenwich. In fact, today, a day after our Representative Town Meeting (RTM), including Republican Board of  Estimate and Taxation (BET) candidates, voted 179 to 4 in favor of spending $112 million to build a new Central Middle School, we received a text from the Democrats claiming that BET Republicans voted to stop the rebuilding of Central Middle School. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone in Greenwich, Democrat, Republican and Independent, wants the best schools possible, safe streets, beautiful and maintained infrastructure and fully funded police and fire protection. The Democrats are making this election about how much is spent, instead of how we can spend effectively and wisely. The Republicans want to build the best schools possible for the best price possible. They want to keep Greenwich affordable and our taxes reasonable. Unlike the Democrats, they want to keep control of planning and zoning in Greenwich, instead of turning over our zoning to Democratic bureaucrats in Hartford. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Republicans want to keep our elections local, safe and secure. Many residents are running for the RTM for the first time because they were appalled that our RTM, in a contested, close vote of 104-102, voted to have our elections largely funded by a liberal national political organization that has been banned in more than half of the states in the country and is highly controversial.

With the Democrats controlling Hartford and many of the local news outlets, especially the Greenwich Time, it is difficult for the Republicans to get their positive message out. This year a large number of new candidates are running for the RTM and BET because they do not like the divisiveness and rancor, as well as the misrepresentations. Please explore the issues facing us, look at the facts, and ignore the unfounded and untruthful partisan claims and vote Row B for our responsible Republican officials.

Allyson Cowin
RTM, District 10