Is there still a ‘Connecticut’ Republican Party?


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To the Editor:

We are in a crisis. Trump is only a symptom of the issue. MAGA is the real problem. The House of Representatives is an amoral, unrepairable mess as MAGA has taken it over and now owns the Party. 

Republicans have just unanimously elected Trump’s stealth MAGA candidate Mike Johnson. He is Trump’s hand-picked leader. 

Johnson appears to be a quiet, soft spoken, unassuming man, but as a politician he is not. Johnson is the new stealth MAGA candidate. 

Johnson is a religious extremist who wants to impose his views on everyone. He believes, for example, that all abortions and gay marriage should be illegal. He also supports cutting Medicare and Social Security, and even book banning. His wife has just taken down her organization’s statements comparing homosexuality to incest and bestiality. 

Johnson has proven he believes “the ends justify the means” by continuing to enable, back and provide cover for the most amoral, unethical, lawless President in our nation’s history. 

Every Republican congressperson voted for Johnson when MAGA hero Jim Jordan couldn’t get within 20. Trump’s fix was in. 

Scary question, what is Speaker Johnson and the rest of the House Republicans willing to do this time if Trump loses in 2024? 

It is only a matter of time before the MAGA disease consumes the entire Republican Party. Connecticut Republicans must act. MAGA is taking over your party, it’s already happening. Fairfield Republican leaders have sat by and been reactive at best to book banning andanti-Semitism, among other extreme un-American positions. 

Sensible Fairfield Republican voters must fully reject the MAGA trend and vote for candidates who stand in opposition to the hate and harm done by those who share the Republican name. 

Governing is hard; you have to believe it works to make it work. 

Vote Gerber/Vitale – competent and caring leadership 

Chris Leighton 
Fairfield, CT