‘Bold, Reliable, and Progressive Leadership’ for Groton


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To the Editor:

Groton needs bold, reliable, and progressive leadership that focuses on community-building and addressing the challenges ahead in new, innovative ways. As a young person, Groton lifelong resident, voter, and active participant that listens to local issues that impacts myself, my family, and my friends: I look up to Portia Bordelon. I first met Portia when I proudly volunteered for a friend and mentor, State Representative Aundré Bumgardner. Portia is a long-time resident of Groton and a Town Councilor since 2019, embodies the traits that I have listed above. She is resilient both personally and professionally, and she has never hesitated to empower the vulnerable, champion accountability, and expand access to vital resources for our community members. Portia’s unwavering commitment to our community and her resolute stance on core issues makes her an outstanding candidate to continue fighting for Groton’s brighter future. 

Portia has remained a devout advocate for transparency, and she has always acted in the town’s benefit when she questions the motives of our town’s establishment. We have seen her in the public eye face backlash, at moments party scrutiny, and partisan bigotry, but Portia has always kept her head high, and it emboldens her desire to fight for this community more. Portia’s tenure as Town Councilor has been marked by her relentless pursuit of progressive policies to address the unique challenges that Groton faces. She understands that our community has diverse voices, perspectives, and needs. She has consistently fought for equitable access to resources, ensuring that no one is left behind.  

Education, transparency, and affordable housing, all issues that are important to us, are her priorities. Her vision is one where all Groton residents have the opportunity to thrive, build a family, and contribute to Groton’s success.  

When you drive to your voting booth location for this upcoming election, remember one thing: Portia won’t stop fighting for a better, more vibrant Groton. Our community can at least sleep a little lighter at night knowing that we have a courageous public servant looking out for our best interests. Vote for Portia Bordelon on Row A on Tuesday, November 7th. 

Kyle Thaxton
Groton, CT